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Climate Change – The big problem

During water usage we tend to use way more than we need

Even the most careful of us, leave the tap running during daily use, thus wasting water. Especially when the periods of water use are short (washing the face or hands) or when we are waiting for the hot water to come, water waste is unavoidable.


Unique global technology for saving water

The patented technology of fin collects quantities of clean, unused water which are wasted when the tap is left running in the intervals between uses, e.g. when washing hands, shaving, brushing teeth or when waiting for the hot water to come which is a source of great waste of drinking water, especially during the winter months.

Water and money saving

40.000L of clean water can be collected every year from a 4-member family that uses fin technology, the equivalent of which can fill up a 12 square meters room of your home.

How is it implemented?

Fin can easily be installed in every sink and achieves maximum water saving. Its stylish structure fits perfectly in every sink. Its design and high-quality material guarantee a health-wise safe and problem-free function for many years. Fin´s installation and uninstallation can be done in seconds with no tools needed.

A fun game

Αn effort to save water and money turns into a fun game with Fin! The active participation of the user in water saving as well as the impressive quantity of clean water that is collected is a playful experience!

Ease and effectiveness with no guilt

Using fin allows us to use the normal tap flow and to save the maximum possible amount of water at the same time. It´s of outmost importance that we have a normal tap flow, regarding the hygiene, comfort and effectiveness of the usages. Reduced tap flow usage has imperfect results and often lead to water waste due to the prolonged usage.

Key features of fin